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Dear Cherie. E. Cookorinis,

For the last several years our family had been suffering from my husband's legal situation here in the United States. Now, thanks to your office all of our stress pertaining to this situation is gone. I would like to sincerely THANK YOU for all that you and your office personnel have done for our family.

Words cannot describe the happiness and the positive change this has brought to our lives. Francisco has gotten a job which he will start next week and we are now working on taking our lives back to normal. In the next couple of months, I will be applying to local colleges and hopefully start College once again. Of course, now it will be with the peace of mind that all is ok. Just to let you know, when Francisco called me from Mexico to let me know that his interview went well and he was approved, I told my 4 year old son what his dad has said and my son with the most excited voice said YES, I knew it mom… I just knew it all along dad is coming back! To hear these words from him only let me know how much he actually understood our situation.

Everyone in the office from Emily to Allison and especially you Ms. Cookorinis have been very helpful, respectful, and just wonderful people. Again, thank you for helping our family be and stay a FAMILY.


Maria Jimenez

Milledgeville, Georgia


Law Office of Cherie is probably the best one!
I had very difficult and complex case which took several years to find a good lawyer.
I have been dealing with immigration lawyers for almost a decade. All over every single lawyer was telling me my case was very complicated and there no hope.
I will highly recommend Cherie E. Cookorinis to everybody that is ever in need of an attorney their services and expertise in the field of immigration law. When everything  seemed to be impossible she made it easy for me and explained all possible options available. She was very patient and very professional. Her expertise, honesty and responsiveness makes her so efficient in her craft.
I extend my gratitude for all your effort, your professionalism, undeniable talent, aptitude, skill and competence makes the best any immigration law firm have.
We reached the desired success.
I have received my green card.
She made a difference in my life.
My most sincere thanks to Cherie E. Cookorinis and her team.
Congratulation for another victory!

Thank you,

Geraldo Neves


Dear Cherie:

I wanted to send you this letter to thank you for assisting me and my family in obtaining our Green Card. We are very lucky to have found a reliable, honest, and especially, a dedicated attorney that cares about her clients. You were always available to speak with me about the concerns we had and to really listen to and address our needs. Your prompt approach and advice to the problems we encountered during this process was crucial in obtaining our legal status in the U.S.

I also congratulate your staff, who was always genuinly concerned about achieving our ultimate goal.

Thanks to you, we can now work, study, and enjoy the many opportunities this country offers.

I will be forever grateful and I highly recommend you without hesitation to any person looking for immigration assistance.

Abel Tovar


Miss Cherie,

On Saturday, my husband George got his green card in the mail, imagine our surprise! I don't have enough words in the English language to thank you and to tell you how much George and I appreciate all your help and everything you did for us, and for our future. We thank you so much! We would like to thank your beautiful staff who responded so fast to all our emails, questions, and put up with us and our big accents. I was so desperate and feeling down that I called all my Christian friends and relatives in Romania to pray because I was losing hope. I'm glad that our prayers were answered and that with your help we got good results. I'm so glad that we found you and that you were able to help us and get us through! Now, Miss Cherie, the dynamic and energy in the house and family changed,  it's like  the cloud over our lives left and we are ready to plan and live this beautiful life. Tomorrow my fourth child, my youngest daughter Eunicia, is graduating with a teaching degree and I'm going to be a proud momma (my parents were both teachers). Miss Cherie, In a way you're a participant on shifting our future to better things and happiness, and I'm standing here crying thanking you, George thanks you, my kids, my family. I'm praying to God to bless you and your family and to reward you for all your good deeds.


Liana E.

Hot Springs, Arkansas